How To Downgrade iOS 7 To iOS 6 using shsh blobs

After Apple released iOS 7 beta 1 for developers, many of people upgraded their iOS devices to iOS 7 in order to check out the new features in iOS 7 like the Control Center, new weather app and etc.... Apple makes it sound like a life or death scenario when developers decide to install iOS 7 beta on a test device. In fact, it’s always done so with its beta releases. In the notes for iOS 7, Apple states that “Devices updated to iOS beta can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS.”

But right now and if you upgraded your device to iOS 7 wrongly and want to get back to iOS 6.1.3, there is still a hope..And right now I want to show you how to easily downgrade your iPhone running on iOS 7 back to iOS 6.x.x... It is extremely easy... Check out this video and you will find the steps below:

So in order to downgrade your iPhone back to iOS 6.1.3, simply follow these easy steps.

STEP 1: Download iOS 6.1.3 for iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch.

STEP 2: Now simply connect your iPhone running on iOS 7 to your computer

STEP 3: Now, open iTunes and select your device, from there press option+click (Shift+click Windows users) on the restore button.

STEP 4: Browse your firmware for your iPhone that you've downloaded in STEP 1.

STEP 5: Wait until your iPhone finishes restoring back to iOS 6.1.3...

NOTE: keep in mind that you may only downgrade to the latest publicly available firmware for iOS on an A5 device, even if you have SHSH blobs saved. For older devices like the iPhone 4, you may be able to downgrade to lesser firmware if you happen to have your SHSH blobs saved.

Braking  News!!

We managed to find a tool that can fetch your shsh blobs direct from Cydia servers.  That means now you can finally downgrade to your desired ios   even if you didn't had your shsh blobs saved at first.  All you have to do is to enter your Imei number and you' ll get your shsh blobs.!!!
The tool is in deed very simple and you can find it here: Cydia shsh Blobs fetcher

NOTE:  This tool is Free for limited times only. We managed to fetch hundreds of shsh blobs so far but we can not guarantee it will work for you too.  Just try  and we'll wish you good luck !!!

If there is any problem you've faced during the downgrading process, please feel free to inform us in our comment section below....

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